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The following curriculum is required by the Arkansas Massage Law for a total of 500 hours.

  • 225 hours of technique
  • 175 hours of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and contraindications to massage
  • 25 hours of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, and heliotherapy
  • 25 hours of hygiene, practical demonstration and infection control
  • 25 hours of health service management massage therapy law, business management and professional ethics
  • 25 hours of various related subjects

A total of 500 in classroom hours is required to graduate from Massage Works. As part of that curriculum you will have classes in the following areas:

  • Draping. Health and Hygiene
  • Ethics and boundaries and communication
  • Swedish Massage. Deep Tissue. Lymph drainage. CranioSacral. Essential Oil Therapys. Reflexology. Pain Management
  • Business and Marketing Procedures



Classes are normally held Mon-Wed 9:00am - 4:00pm & school is completed in 7 months.

We school year round!

If you need any help or have any questions please call us at 870-269-6101

Tuition And Fees

Tuition is $5000.00 and includes all textbooks and schooling


Payment Plans:

Tuition $5000.00, down payment of $1000.00 due on or before first day of school, with monthly payments due the 1st day of each month for 5 months in the amount of $800.00.

Payments are due by the first of each month and considered late by the 5th. Delinquency of payment will result in the student NOT BEING ADMITTED TO CLASS UNTIL PAYMENT IS CURRENT ($20.00 late fee per week after the 5th of each month). This is only allowed for 2 weeks and must be then paid with a $40 late fee or if not paid, student will be suspended until such time that they pay all tuition current including all late fees ($20 per week from the 5th of month = 1 week $20, 2 weeks $40, 3 weeks $60 and so forth)